Zipper Lane Episode 3: Procurement Strategies for CFO & Finance Director

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Zip provides one place for any employee to initiate a purchase or vendor request. Each request is correctly routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, data security, legal, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP and P2P solutions to create a PR or draft PO.

Ivan Makarov
VP of Finance

Experienced finance executive and a licensed CPA (inactive) with 15+ years of professional experience in the internet industry building finance teams, leading accounting and planning, fundraising, business operations, M&A, legal, tax & compliance, global expansion, and other key functions inside global tech companies.
For the last nine years, a member of executive teams at two high growth SaaS companies (B2C and Enterprise), reporting directly to CEO.


Mike Cadieux
Procurement Foundry

Community Developer, Obsessed with creating value for members, Dedicated to Family and Friends