Doing More With Less: The Rise of Tech Consolidation and Prioritization

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Vendr is forever changing how companies buy and renew SaaS. With over $1.5B in SaaS purchases across 1,300+ suppliers, the Vendr SaaS buying platform enables the world’s fastest-growing companies to purchase SaaS, without friction and at a fair price.

Tuesday, August 15th at 1 pm ET

So far in 2023, there has been a key trend when it comes to technology: companies are doing more with less. Despite ambitious revenue goals, businesses are working with smaller budgets, fewer employees, and more challenging capital markets. It’s important for procurement teams to have the right information to make informed purchasing decisions that will allow their business to operate efficiently, while keeping overhead expenses in check.


Join us for an exclusive webinar diving deep into findings from Vendr’s Q2 SaaS Trends Report. The report looks at over 3,000 transactions, totaling over $240 million in SaaS spend, providing a comprehensive view of purchase trends, including information on popular categories and average discounts.


You can expect to come away from the webinar with:

  • Insights into what tools companies purchased in Q2
  • A deeper look into the shift toward more efficient purchasing practices
  • The reveal of Vendr's inaugural AI index, showcasing the impact of artificial intelligence on software purchasing decisions
  • The trends we see shaping SaaS spend for the rest of 2023

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Austin Petersmith
VP of Growth & Community

VP of Growth and Community

Austin is the Vice President of Growth & Community at Vendr. He works on new initiatives aimed at bringing our community together and creating efficiency and transparency in SaaS.


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Procurement Foundry

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