Has Importing Changed Forever? The Need for Modern Tools in this Digital Age

    Thursday February 3rd @ 1pm ET

    As so many of us know importing has been changed due to many factors- pandemic, supply and demand and labor to name a few.

    Join Michael Cadieux, founder of Procurement Foundry as he discusses this pressing topic ' Has Importing Changed Forever? The Need for Modern Tools in this Digital Age' with Rob Garrison -CEO of Mercado and John Urban - Director of Board of Directors of Mercado.

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    Rob Garrison

    My name is Rob Garrison. As a long time importer, I was frustrated by the risk, inefficiency, waste, and complexity I experienced.

    We built the Mercado import management system (#IMS) to address these issues by connecting you to your suppliers and trading partners, connecting your supply to your demand, and connecting your sourcing, buying, and logistics teams. The Mercado IMS contains the automation, workflow, and process you need to create an efficient, effective, and reliable import supply chain. Great solutions and features 'out of the box' will transform how you plan, buy, and ship your products.

    John Urban
    Board Member
    Experienced Executive, Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor with a demonstrated history of building successful technology companies in logistics and supply chain.


    Mike Cadieux
    Procurement Foundry

    Community Developer, Obsessed with creating value for members, Dedicated to Family and Friends


    Mercado is an Import Management System designed to bring order to your imports by transforming the supply chain. Effectively connecting buyers and sellers by optimizing the First Mile, or first 120 days, of the supply chain. By enabling businesses to improve their supply chain, Mercado provides the collaboration, transparency, and predictability importers need to navigate the complex world of global trade.