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Wednesday March 1st at 11am ET

 IT Procurement Priorities for 2023 || Learn the challenges, initiatives and opportunities your peers will be focusing on in 2023 as they seek to improve IT procurement effectiveness.

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Cynthia Garcia
Senior Manager - Strategic Sourcing
Waste Management

With 30 years of leadership experience in multiple industries, I am confident in my resolve to get the job done. I am skilled at supporting and driving the development of operations while monitoring and assessing customer service quality and overall performance.

Not only do I excel at directing the transformation of multiple groups, but I am also adept at resolving and escalating non-compliance issues as needed. Whether partnering with stakeholders to set priorities across the organization or monitoring policy implementations, I am dedicated to ensuring the goals of the organization are met in a timely manner.

Amit Jain
Head of Indirect Technology Sourcing

An accomplished sourcing professional who is passionate in deal making and identifying cost saving opportunities either through process improvement or sharp negotiation skills.

My engineering problem solving mindset tempered with business and entrepreneurship experience helps me deal with ambiguity look thru the noise and execute to a clear strategy. I get stuff done with a high customer satisfaction score and excellent ROI on team cost versus savings.


Kim Addington

As COO and CMO for NPI I oversee multiple functions including Finance, Marketing, Business Development, HR and Facilities. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the measurable results we achieve with our clients – 7-figure savings are typical, and exciting! What’s also fulfilling is creating an environment that helps our team members flourish, and the overall satisfaction of just making things work better.


NPI is an IT procurement advisory services company that helps enterprises identify and eliminate overspending on IT purchases. We deliver transaction-level price benchmark analysis, license and subscription optimization advice, vendor-specific negotiation intel, and software audit defense services that enable IT buying teams to achieve material savings.

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