How To Buy SaaS Smarter In 2023: Tips From Top Finance & Procurement Leaders

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Tropic makes buying and managing SaaS ridiculously easy. The world runs on software, which is why companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use Tropic to buy software, manage contracts, and guarantee savings. Tropic is procurement paradise.

Tuesday February 7th at 1pm ET

With most companies focused on managing costs in the year ahead, we asked top finance and procurement executives how they're thinking about their tech stacks and SaaS buying in 2023. 

Tropic CEO David Campbell and former Global Head of Procurement at Qualtrics Michael Shields join Procurement Foundry's Michael Cadieux to share the results of those conversations and a slew of first-hand guidance from business leaders at Posh, QuotaPath, McKinsey, Zoomin and more. 

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David Campbell

10 years ago, if you told me I’d become a startup CEO, I wouldn’t have believed you. I have a degree in English Literature. I wrote a 400-page novel and never published it. I've been accused of being an "alt CEO." These days, all of that feels like an advantage as our team at Tropic builds the future of software procurement.

Long before Tropic became real, my co-founder Justin and I discovered something the hard way: The whole world runs on software, yet everyone struggles to buy it. So we set out to fix that. Today, companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use Tropic to buy software, manage contracts, monitor usage and turn procurement into a competitive advantage.

Michael Shields
Head of Procurement Strategy

I am committed to building the reputation and value of procurement in the Tech sector. I launched a respected procurement organization at Qualtrics by leveraging my global procurement experience from different industries. I’m committed to hiring great leaders. I collaborate with business partners to source and deliver innovative solutions that creatively solve business problems, mitigate risk, improve supplier performance, and make significant contributions to the financial health and performance of the company.


Michael Cadieux
Procurement Foundry

Community Developer, Obsessed with creating value for members, Dedicated to Family and Friends