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Terzo's CLM is designed on the foundation of AI-powered contract intelligence, unlocking important financial insights hidden in contracts. This helps business teams reduce risk, track obligations and expiration dates with custom alerts, so you never miss renewals. Additionally, you are able to optimize costs through cost rationalization and reducing spend redundancy.

Thursday January 19th at 1pm ET

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Kevin Character
Senior Director of Customer Success

Part of Engage VC’s 9th cohort, Terzo is a supplier cloud that uses AI to power contract insights/intelligence for more strategic contract management, ESG program management, compliance, risk and transformation for procurement, the CIO and other enterprise contract owners.
I serve as Senior Director of Customer Success - overseeing a team to establish and action frameworks that drive success, growth and advocacy for Terzo partners.

Craig Smith
Sr. Director of Procurement
DHI Group

Strategic Procurement, Sourcing, and Vendor Management Leader with experience in technology, financial services, and telecommunications industries. I’m a collaborative leader, emphasizing active listening, setting goals with understandable requirements, motivating teams through a positive and growth-oriented environment, and positioning team members to achieve success.


Michael Cadieux
Procurement Foundry

Community Developer, Obsessed with creating value for members, Dedicated to Family and Friends