From Request to Requisition: Best Practices for Faster Decisions

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Thursday, July 27th at 1 pm ET

Procurement leaders today are inundated with requests, especially requests for new software and application renewals.  And the rate of incoming requests is increasing. In fact, Productiv data shows that SaaS portfolio sizes and the percentage of one-year contracts are both growing..

Without the right processes and data, teams can’t come together to make confident decisions at the speed of business. Join Alok Ojha for a conversation around establishing consistent intake and renewal processes, aligning teams with data, and minimizing third-party risk to efficiently complete requests and control spend. 

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Alok Ojha
Chief Product Officer

Alok Ojha is CPO at Productiv where he has been razor focused on developing procurement workflows to orchestrate reviews and approvals with the data and insights needed to reduce risk and drive stronger negotiations. Prior to Productiv, Alok was responsible for the overall strategy and execution at Box and helped contribute to Box’s growth from $500M to $1B in run rate business during his stay. Before Box, he held product leadership roles at companies like CloudPassage (acquired), Proofpoint (acquired), EMC, RSA and CA Technologies. Alok is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur.


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