Software Models: Perpetual vs. Subscription Guide for Procurement

Thursday, July 20th at 1 pm ET

Rimini Street, Inc. is a global provider of end-to-end enterprise software support, products, and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce and AWS partner.

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Eric Helmer
Rimini Street

Eric Helmer serves as SVP & Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he is responsible for advising clients on strategic innovation initiatives that align with financial, technical, and functional long-term corporate goals across applications that include Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. These initiatives are designed to maximize the effectiveness of mission-critical enterprise software systems.

Mr. Helmer is a skilled executive leader with 25 years of IT experience and proven leadership in delivering strategic corporate IT transformational projects. He has a strong track record in designing and implementing technical, complex enterprise technology initiatives that provide real return on investment, competitive advantage, and growth for companies.


Michael Perica
Rimini Street

Mr. Perica serves as EVP & Chief Financial Officer. In this role, he is responsible for finance strategy and execution for Rimini Street and its global subsidiaries as well as financial operations including global financial planning and analysis, accounting, revenue management, global treasury and tax, SEC reporting, finance systems and processes, audit, capital structure, capital markets activities, M&A, and investor relations.

Mr. Perica is a skilled executive leader with 25 years of financial leadership and capital markets experience and expertise in diverse of finance.


Michael Cadieux
Procurement Foundry

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