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Focal Point is the first solution that ties your end-to-end procurement processes together in one place. From spot buys and contract renewals to more complex tasks like supplier management and RFPs, Focal Point allows for complete process transparency. Business users can request procurement services and procurement professionals can follow step-by-step processes, including collecting relevant data and involving process stakeholders, to complete needed tasks. Focal Point also allows procurement to set performance targets and elevate the view of the function to a strategic partner by tracking metrics such as savings, non-financial benefits, cycle times, business involvement and client engagement

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Anders Lillevik
Focal Point

Serial Chief Procurement Officer with 20+ years of experience in building and turning around large, complex procurement organizations to be best in class. Anders has extensive background in rolling out new procurement infrastructure and optimizing legacy technology investments. With this experience, 

Anders founded Focal Point to help organizations maximize the value of their procurement spend.

Scott Hartley
Director of Strategic Sourcing
Riot Games

With over 30 years of experience, Scott brings exceptional knowledge to this discussion. Versatile, results oriented procurement and technology operations professional with diverse experience in sales, strategy, marketing, business development and supply chain. 

Mike Cadieux
Procurement Foundry

Community Developer, Obsessed with creating value for members, Dedicated to Family and Friends