The Evolution of ERP – Making ROI based procurement decisions

Rimini Street, Inc., is a fast-growing global leader delivering unified software support and services. We empower licensees of Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce®, and other cloud and locally hosted enterprise software to extract more value from their investments, advance innovation, create competitive advantage, and fuel growth. 

Tuesday March 21st at 1pm ET

The days of the ERP dot-release upgrade are over.  The next generation of our Oracle and SAP landscapes will be expensive, disruptive, and transformational. But how much of your current ERP suite do you keep, replace, or upgrade?  Vendors are pushing SaaS cloud, but is that the right path?  It depends on the ROI. 


 Join the session to learn: 

  • What your peers are doing in future state ERP road-mapping
  • How to make ROI-based decisions for your cloud journey 
  • The financial pro's and con's of monolithic programs such as SAP RISE

About Speakers

Featured Guest

Eric Helmer
Chief Technology Officer
Rimini Street

As Chief Technology Officer at Rimini Street, Eric is charged with advising clients on strategic innovative initiatives that align with financial, technical, and functional long-term corporate goals across various applications including Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft.

These initiatives are designed to maximize the effectiveness of their mission-critical enterprise software systems. Before joining Rimini Street, Mr. Helmer was a vice president at Velocity Technology Solutions, where he led the application services team in delivering transformational cloud and IT solutions for Oracle enterprises. He is a published author and Oracle ACE Director Alumni. 


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