Improving Business Outcomes and Reducing Cost in Today’s Unpredictable Economy

Thursday June 1st at 1pm ET


Today's organizations are more committed than ever to incorporating sustainability into their indirect spend management processes. Leading companies are adopting innovative strategies that not only drive cost savings and efficiency but also promote responsible and sustainable practices throughout their supply chains. In this webinar, we will explore these approaches to indirect spend and learn from the experiences of industry leaders.


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Tom Luther
Director, Channel Partnerships
Outsource Consultants
Outsource Consultants is a call center outsourcing advisory firm that specializes in matching companies with outsourced call centers that are a perfect fit. With our team’s over 150 combined years of call center industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to initiate lasting partnerships between our clients and BPO providers. Our mission is to provide companies with a call center industry insider’s expertise without requiring them to exhaust their own time and resources.


Michael Cadieux
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