Deep Dive: Understanding the Impact of the Procurement Employee Experience on Cost, Efficiency and Risk

Thursday September 29th @ 1pm ET


Zip provides one place for any employee to initiate a purchase or vendor request. Each request is correctly routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, data security, legal, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP and P2P solutions to create a PR or draft PO.

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Colin Glazier
VP of Solutions

Colin Glazier is VP of Solutions Consulting at Zip. Colin and his team ensure each company and team that interacts with Zip gets the best possible product experience from the moment they become a customer. Prior to joining Zip, Colin held a number of positions within Apple, most recently as a procurement leader. Colin’s passion for technology innovation and building stronger relationships with customers is a big part of what drives his work in both his work and personal life. Colin is based in San Diego and is the father of four amazing young girls.

Ed Sawma
VP of Marketing

Ed Sawma is VP of Marketing at Zip, responsible for go-to-market strategy, new product launch and telling Zip’s story to the world. After starting his career in IT consulting, with a focus on system integration in the financial services industry and Wi-Fi security, Ed led product marketing globally for several infrastructure, application, services and cloud businesses at Motorola, Microsoft and Okta. Prior to Zip, he led operations and marketing at Transposit.  Ed has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Northwestern University.


Michael Cadieux
Procurement Foundry

Community Developer, Obsessed with creating value for members, Dedicated to Family and Friends